The Improvisation Edge

Mary T. Curtis applies the principles of Theatrical Improvisation into her dynamic coaching and training programs to give participants ‘The Improvisation Edge’. This EDGE is the ability to stay present, manage emotions, respond quickly to change, communicate effectively and foster collaboration.  All highly sought after skills with the power to transform any individual, team, family or organization.


  “The improv techniques shared have proven to be invaluable to my team and my organization.
I have seen continued improvement across the bored in my team members skill-set.” 
Sara Foster, Senior Manager, Allstate Management Consultants, Chicago

Theatrical Improvisation

Theatrical Improvisation is about so much more than being funny. Professional improvisers apply a specific set of principles in order to communicate and collaborate as a team and move a scene forward. In addition, they warm up for hours to sharpen their focus and mental agility so they can think-on-their-feet and respond to whatever comes their way.  Bringing the improvisation mindset, principles and practice activities into your daily life can transform how you relate to the world. 

Improvisation Principles

  • Be willing to show up and participate
  • Stay present and focused in the moment
  • Pay attention and observe your environment
  • Listen attentively
  • Initiate offers clearly and confidently
  • Accept the offers of others and Commit to move action forward (Yes and)
  • Abstain from judgment of self and others
  • Practice acceptance of self and others
  • Make your partner look good
  • Embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth
  • Let go of control and go with the flow
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


Benefits of Improvisation

  • Enhanced ability to be mindful
  • Heightened focus 
  • Improved listening and observation skills
  • Less stress and more emotional balance
  • Sharpened mental agility
  • Increased communication effectiveness
  • Trusting and respectful relationships
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Enhanced creative thinking capacity
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Refined brainstorming abilities
  • Increased performance capacity
  • Improved team and organizational effectiveness
  • Confident and authentic interactions

How Mary uses Applied Improvisation

For over a decade Mary has worked with individuals, teams, families, couples and organizations integrating applied improvisation techniques as she facilitated programs such as: 

  • Mindfulness for executives/struggling addicts/families/ and children
  • Communication for families/teams/executives/ and individuals 
  • Collaboration for families/teams/organizations 
  • Self Management for recovering addicts/entrepreneurs/and leaders
  • Anxiety Management for therapeutic groups/corporate groups/ and families
  • Change Management for corporate groups/mental health practitioners 
  • Emotional Intelligence for organizations/individuals/mental health practitioners 
  • Relationship Building workshops for couples/teams/families
  • Recovery Unscripted programs for individuals and families recovering from addiction
  • Corporate Synergy sessions
  • Organizational Agility session