Team Development Programs

Mary T. Curtis creates and implements strategies and programs to develop high performing teams. Whether it’s a newly forming team or an existing team; she will explore the team’s goals, identify strengths and challenges, and explore the team’s potential. Mary will create and implement solution focused strategies to empower your team to reach it’s peak potential. This strategy may include (not limited to) key-note presentations, experiential team workshops, and  individual and team coaching sessions. 

High Performing Teams

Mary’s program will be custom-built to meet the business needs of your organization. Issues to be discussed and practiced include:

  • Team dynamicsteam-development-sydney
  • Effective teamwork
  • Decision making skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Effective communication
  • Relationship building
  • Collaboration principles
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team leadership
  • Navigating change



Team Development Process

Mary will partner with you from initial assessment right through to program completion and evaluation. The process and strategy implemented for your team will be custom-built involving activities such as:

  • Team Assessment: Interviews
    • Explore the performance of team members and their strengths
    • Explore the challenges and goals for team development
    • Meet with team members individually to gain their insight
  • Individual and team Assessment: Quantitative and  Qualitative surveys exploring: 
    • Team member’s personality type and work-styles
    • Team member’s strengths
    • Collaboration strengths and weaknesses
    • Communication strengths and weaknesses
    • Team performance levels
    • Performance improvement
  • A strength-focused team development strategy
  • Develop a custom built strategy to meet the needs of the team
  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching


Our goal was to enhance our ability to collaborate. We broke through silos and communication
and enhanced team synergy. The best part is, we had a lot of fun doing it.
Magistrate Diane Kirigin, President, Florida Bar Association


The Team Development ToolBox

To empower your team, Mary will draw from her large tool box including:


Mindfulness Techniques Relationship Building Managing YOU Academy
Collaboration Techniques The TEAM Process Team Dynamics
Emotional Intelligence Myers Briggs Assessment Developing Agility 
Conflict Resolution Team Coaching Executive Coaching
Collaboration Techniques Change Management Organizational Synergy



After team and individual coaching with Mary our team trust level grew from 3 out of 10 to
6 out of 10. This greatly impacted our collaboration and the clinical care our clients received.
Rob Cole, LMHC, Clinical Director, Destination Hope Inc.